• Groups at First Trinity may use the kitchen unless it is scheduled for church use. You will be notified of church kitchen use prior to your arrival. 
  • You are responsible for cleaning the kitchen after each use. Dirty dishes are not allowed to remain in the kitchen sink or on counter tops. On Sunday the kitchen must be cleaned up by 10:00 am for use by church groups. 


  • All restrooms and showers must be kept clean.
  • Please do not leave your toiletry items behind since it is a shared space. 

Other Guidelines 

  • Since this is a multi-use facility, members of your group should be respectful of other organizations using the building. Groups must have all their belongings secured and the Hall clean each morning. 
  • Use of the building other than your Hostel stay must be coordinated in advance.
  • Never leave the door propped open.
  • Luggage MUST be secured during the day in designated areas. First Trinity Church has many groups and people coming and going each day. We are not responsible for personal items left in the building.
  • Absolutely no smoking or alcohol is permitted in the building.